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Plans and Pricing

The Free Tier

You receive 5k free packets every month. This is enough to send data to the cloud every ten minutes for a month. The table below compares different packet spending rates:

1 packet per 10 minutes 1 packet per 5 minutes 1 packet per minute
1 hour 6 12 60
24 hours 144 288 1,440
1 week 1,008 2,016 10,080
1 month 4,464 8,928 44,640
extra packets required 0 3,928 39,640

Purchase Extra Packets

If you need a higher throughput, you can purchase extra packets. These packets are used only when you have no free packets left. To view prices, refer to the Pricing page.

The web UI's header displays the number of available packets. You can click it for more information. In the invoked menu, click the Buy more packets button to purchase additional packets:

Buy Packets

The same functionality is available in the Pricing Plan category of your account settings:

Account Settings

Packet Spending Rate

You can spend packets at any rate. Unspent free and purchased packets are carried over to the next month.

Send Data When Out of Packets

If you run out of packets, you can still send data at 1 packet per hour.

Control the Spending Rate

You can specify a personal spending cap to ensure that you never spend too many packets in rapid succession. To do this, go to your account settings and locate the Pricing Plan category. Use the Packets limit per hour slider to specify the spending cap.

Spending Cap

The minimum cap is 1 packet an hour—the maximum is unlimited.

Set Up Your Device

When you write your device's scripts, make sure to send data to the cloud at a rate based on your budget and requirements.